Evolve: Ensuring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in AI

Digital Only: December 8, 2020

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Evolve is a 90-minute event focused on best practices on how to ensure racial fairness and equity while building products, teams, and companies with AI, ML, and large data.

Evolve bridges two of the most significant trends in the corporate world in 2020.

First, the events of the past few months have reawakened the world to continued racial injustice. The corporate sector, in particular the technology industry, has historically been perceived as slow in efforts to promote equality and affirmative action in the workforce. But recent events have spurred them into action, and there are signs that real change could come about. 

At the same time, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are arguably the most powerful enterprise technologies today, and hundreds of large companies are pushing AI/ML product development to get an edge on their competitors. But they are doing so at a time when many, if not most, of the decision-makers, do not reflect the diversity of the general population. And many companies have been careless in making sure their data used in AI decision-making is not reflecting prejudice and bias that can perpetuate inequality for years to come.


8:00 AM PT

Opening Remarks

Join VentureBeat live as we kick off the Evolve event series with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion in AI.

8:05 AM PT

Panel Discussion: The Why, How & What of DE&I in AI

– Why you need DEI in your AI? Stop moving fast and breaking things, start building.
– How to make AI that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Change your process and find your people.
– What metrics can one use to measure the results of your DEI efforts on the end product? Deploy and enjoy.

8:40 AM PT

Networking Break

8:55 AM PT

Panel Discussion: From ‘Say’ to ‘Do’: Unpacking real-world case studies & how to overcome real-world issues of achieving DE&I in AI.

Join live as we unpack real-world case studies around DE&I in AI, such as facial recognition, financial decision making, social profiling, etc. and discuss practical solutions to achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion in AI models.

9:30 AM PT

Closing Remarks

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Featured Speakers

Huma Abidi

Senior Director of AI Software Products,

Rashida Hodge

VP, North America GTM, Global Markets, IBM

Tiffany Deng
Tiffany Deng

PM Lead – ML Fairness & Responsible AI, Google

Hari Sivaraman

Head of AI Content Strategy,

Seth Colaner


A Note From VentureBeat

VentureBeat seeks to create virtual and physical spaces and platforms in which and upon which diversity, equity, and inclusion can flourish. VentureBeat recognizes that all people have implicit biases that affect our views of and interactions with people of other affinity groups and that both individuals and institutions have a responsibility to consciously and aggressively ameliorate those biases through thought, policy, and action.

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