VentureBeat Events

An event and media platform for every stage in the customer journey

It’s not about the destination, it’s the journey. In 2015, VentureBeat’s event platform will focus on the fastest growing areas where companies need to have greater insight into the customer journey: mobile, marketing tech, and the ground-breaking games industry.

One thing hasn’t changed: VentureBeat’s tradition of focusing on in-depth sincere dialogue around the latest trends. Content stays fresh; it often breaks news. Media coverage—by VentureBeat’s own staff, as well as external media—is a major part of these events.

VentureBeat chose to spotlight its three event categories—mobile, marketing tech and games—because they span nearly every aspect of the technology business. In each of these areas, we’ll have two events: an invite-only summit designed only for senior-level thought leaders (in the case of marketing technology, our Growth Summit will be open only to CMOs, for example), and then a larger flagship event, which is open to a broader audience of executives. Separately, VentureBeat roadshows are hand crafted and exclusive to our clients. Below please find an overview of our scheduled dates and locations as well as a summary of the key themes and topics.

Mobile Summit

February 23 - 24

Cavallo Point | Sausalito, CA


July 13 - 14

Hilton Union Square | San Francisco, CA

Mobile: The Customer Journey - The Customer is on the Move

The mobile revolution is unfolding and smart businesses enjoy more opportunities than ever to get ahead of their competition using the right strategies and technologies to achieve growth. MobileBeat and the invite-only Mobile Summit, now in it’s fifth year, will be your chance to connect and engage this expanding industry. Meet executives who can help you differentiate offerings—and win new customers. Behold - a new age of mobile!

Growth Summit

June 1 - 2

The Langham | Boston, MA


Aug 17-18

Parc 55 Wyndham | San Francisco

Growth: The Customer Journey - The Customer is Still Right

GrowthBeat and the invite-only Growth Summit will showcase some of the most compelling stories of companies who have gotten it right. Marketing gets along with sales, and those two departments are in sync with IT to push the capabilities of their in-house technology stack. These companies have concrete results they've gotten by using the right tools to promote their product, keep customers coming back, and to surprise and delight new generations of customers.

GamesBeat Summit

May 5 - 6

Cavallo Point | Sausalito, CA

GamesBeat 2015

October 12 - 13

Grand Hyatt | San Francisco, CA

Games: The Customer Journey - Serving Global Audiences

The challenge for game makers in 2015 will be to create great gaming experiences that can appeal to audiences in every major emerging market. Games Summit & GamesBeat 2015 will attract business executives to debate how they can create the next Candy Crush Saga with a business model that lives on.