Intelligent Security Summit

» The intersection between cybersecurity and AI
December 2022 | Virtual & San Francisco, CA

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Bringing together leaders in security and artificial intelligence

The inaugural Intelligent Security Summit is the first AI and cybersecurity event to be organized by VentureBeat, and the only event of its kind to be dedicated to the intersection between cybersecurity and AI.

Topics to be covered

  • What is Intelligent Security?

  • Implementation solutions

  • Use cases for AI in cybersecurity

  • Impact of AI on cybersecurity

  • Prevention and Detection software

  • Identifying and prioritizing threats

  • How ML is improving security

  • Building an Intelligent security workforce and infrastructure

  • Endpoint security and protection

  • Email security

  • XDR security 

  • Zero Trust

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Who will attend this event

Decision Makers

IT Security
Risk Management
Network Security 
Incidence Response

Software Security
Operations Data
Digital Cybersecurity
Compliance & Audit
IT Digital
Information Security Systems

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