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Transform 2021
Digital Only: July 12 – 16, 2021

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Women in AI Innovation Awards

VentureBeat’s third annual Women in AI Leadership Awards were created to honor women who are leaders in Artificial Intelligence.

Join us on Day 5 of Transform 2021 for the announcment of the Women in AI Innovation Awards winners. Check out the list of nominations below.

AI Entrepreneur Award Nominations

  • Amandine Flachs, CEO & co-founder of WildMeta

  • Aparna Dhinakaran, Co-founder & CPO of Arize AI

  • Briana Brownell, Founder and CEO at Pure Strategy Inc

  • Caitlin MacGregor, CEO & Co-founder of Plum.io

  • Cindy Chin,Co-Founder/COO of CLIPr

  • Daniela Braga, Founder & CEO of DefinedCrowd

  • Daria Shapovalova, Founder at DRESSX

  • Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, Deputy CEO of Smart Eye, Formerly Co-Founder & CEO of Affectiva

  • Jackie Schafer, CEO of Clearbrief

  • Julia Markiewicz, COO and Co-Founder of Silent Eight

  • Karen Chan, Chief Engineering Office and Founder of Wysdom

  • Laura Hutton, Chief Customer Officer of Quantexa

  • Leànne Viviers, Ms of Mintor

  • Liza Nebel, President, COO and Co-Founder of BlueOcean

  • Marika Roque, COO of KERV Interactive

  • Nicole Eagan, Chief Strategy and AI Officer of Darktrace

  • Nurit Cohen Inger, VP of Products at BeyondMinds

  • Peggy Choi, Founder & CEO of Lynk

  • Veronica Yurchuk, CTO and co-founder at Traces

  • Vesna Prchkovska, CEO of QMENTA

  • Yinglian Xie, CEO & Co-founder of DataVisor

AI Mentorship Award Nominations

  • Dr. Taniya Mishra, Founder and CEO of SureStart

  • Duygu Cakmak, Project Technical Director of Creative Assembly

  • Hamutal Meridor, Venture Partner of Vintage Investment Partners

  • Katia Walsh, Chief Global Strategy and Artificial Intelligence Officer of Levi Strauss & Co.

  • Lan Guan, Senior Managing Director, Applied Intelligence of Accenture

  • Lindsay Hua, Vice President, Global Deployment of Afiniti

  • Margot Gerritsen, Professor, Energy Resources Engineering of Stanford University; Co-Founder and Co-Director of Women in Data Science Worldwide Initiative

  • Melanie Stütz, CEO of IDEASCANNER

  • Noelle Silver, Specialist in AI/ML of Red Hat

  • Ivy Lu, Chief Data Scientist, Oxygen

  • Suju Rajan, Senior Director of Enterprise AI of LinkedIn

  • Taniya Mishra, Founder, and CEO, SureStart

  • Weili Dai, Co-Founder and Chairwoman of MeetKai

AI Research Award Nominations

  • Anjali Dewan, Vice President of Risk Management: Consumer Marketing and Enterprise Personalization Decision Science of American Express

  • Dalal Buhmeida, Computer Network Administrator of Bahrain polytechnic

  • Deepti Kalra, SAVP, Insurance Analytics Lead of EXL Service

  • Dr. Nuria Oliver, Chief Scientific Advisor, Vodafone Institute, Data-Pop Alliance, ELLIS

  • Gabriella Barros, AI Researcher of Modl.ai

  • Heather Reed, Customer Data Scientist of ASAPP

  • Jie Li, Senior Research Scientist of Toyota Research Institute (TRI)

  • Rama Akkiraju, IBM Fellow, Master Inventor, CTO, AIOps of IBM

  • Ramya Ramakrishnan, Research Scientist of ASAPP

  • Vanessa Volz, AI Researcher of Modl.ai

  • Violeta Jimenez, Digital Strategy Senior Manager, Applied Intelligence of Accenture

Responsibility & Ethics Award Nominations

  • Aleksandra (Saška) Mojsilovic, IBM Fellow, Head of Foundations of Trustworthy AI at IBM Research, and Co-Director of IBM Science for Social Good, IBM

  • Aparna Dhinakaran, Chief Product Officer of Arize AI

  • Asha Saxena, Founder and CEO of Women Leaders in Data and AI (WLDA)

  • Corinne Powers, VP Data Science / Principal Scientist at Retina AI

  • Cynthia Holcomb, Founder of FemaleBrain AI

  • Dalal Buhmeida, Computer Network Administrator of Bahrain polytechnic

  • Daniela Krispin, VP R&D of Seebo

  • Haniyeh Mahmoudian, PhD, Global AI Ethicist of DataRobot

  • Hilary Richters, Director Lead Digital Ethics of Deloitte

  • Judith Bishop, Senior Director of AI Specialists at Appen

  • Lavina Ramkissoon, Ms. of R.ai

  • Ling Hong, Data Scientist of SymphonyRM

  • Lizzy Feliciano, Chief Marketing Officer of Jvion

  • Maria Axente, Responsible AI and AI for Social Good Lead of PwC UK

  • Melissa Swisher, Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Socrates.ai

  • Merve Hickok, Founder of AIethicist.org & Lighthouse Career Consulting

  • Natalie Cartwright, Co-founder and COO of Finn AI

  • Navrina Singh, CEO and Founder, Credo AI and Executive Board Member, Mozilla

  • Noelle Silver, Founder, AI Leadership Institute of Red Hat

  • Nurit Cohen Inger, VP of Products of BeyondMinds

  • Rana El Kaliouby, CEO of Affectiva

  • Sudha Jamthe, Founder of Business School of AI

  • Susan An, CEO of SoKat Consulting, LLC

  • Wendy Gonzalez, CEO of Sama

  • Ya Xu, VP of Engineering, Head of Data Science of LinkedIn

  • Yinglian Xie, CEO & Co-founder of DataVisor

Rising Star Award Nominations

  • Amy Sharif, Head of Data Science Operations of Peak

  • Aparna Dhinakarn, Co-founder & CPO of Arize AI

  • Arezou Soltani Panah, Research Fellow of Deakin University, Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute

  • Berit Hoffmann, Chief Product Officer of Sisu Data

  • Catherine Bozhenko, Product Manager of DataRobot

  • Christine Custis, Head of ABOUT ML and Fairness, Transparency, and Accountability of Partnership on AI

  • Crissi Cupak, VP of Product of Skai

  • Dalal Buhamida, Computer Network Administrator of Bahrain Polytechnic

  • Elham Saraee, Director of AI Research of Vizit

  • Elizabeth Irvine, VP of Marketing of MarketMuse

  • Iva Vrtaric, Ms. of Signalisym.ml

  • Ji-Sun Lee (Sunny), Sr. Project Manager of Clinc Inc.

  • Joana Cerejo, Experience Design Lead Emergn

  • Karen Beraldo, Director of communications and Partnerships of MKAI

  • Kavita Ganesan, Founder of Opinosis Analytics

  • Kerry Chang, Senior Research Scientist of Instabase

  • Krinza Momin, Jr. Data Scientist of Afiniti

  • Ling Hong, Data Scientist of SymphonyRM

  • Marie Duran, Data Solutions Architect of Alkymi

  • Mary Reagan, Data Scientist of Fiddler AI

  • Megan Brown, Director of Cognitive Technology of Verint

  • Melisa Tokmak, GM, Document AI of Scale AI

  • Nitu Nivedita, Technical Architecture Senior Manager, Applied Intelligence of Accenture

  • Rikhiya Ghosh, Senior Data Scientist of Alkymi

  • Vanessa Volz, AI Researcher of Modl.ai

Women in AI Breakfast

Join female executives for an invitation-only conversation dedicated to Women in AI. This panel and networking roundtable will be hosted virtually by Capital One as part of Transform 2021. ​

When it comes to applied AI, women leaders and practitioners are generally leading the thinking in areas of empathy, fairness, ethics, and human centricity. AI models and algorithms need to learn from both men and women to be truly balanced and fair and this can only happen with a higher percentage of women in the AI workforce.

Women in AI Breakfast Speakers

Kay Firth-Butterfield

Kay Firth Butterfield

Head of AI and Machine Learning and Member of the Executive Committee

World Economic Forum

Kathy Baxter

Kathy Baxter

Principal Architect, Ethical AI Practice


Tiffany Deng

Tiffany Deng

Program Management Lead- ML Fairness and Responsible AI


Teuta Mercado

Responsible AI Program Director

Capital One

Noelle Silver


Women in AI