Women in AI Leadership Nominations

VentureBeat’s third annual Women in AI Leadership Awards were created to honor women who are leaders in Artificial Intelligence.

About the Women in AI Leadership Awards

Winners are selected based on:
– Their practice of inclusivity in AI
– Their commitment to AI
– The demonstration of their positive influence in the community

With consideration of:
– Specific examples of their contributions and level of detail provided
– Nominee’s practical application of these examples
– The number of nominations they’ve received

Overall Eligibility Requirements:
– Nominees must be women who work in or support artificial intelligence companies or AI technologies within their company
– Nominees must accept their nomination
– Nominee can only be nominated in ONE category per submission
– Nominee can be nominated by more than one person
– One nomination is accepted per person submitting the nomination
– Self-Nominations are not-accepted

Award Categories:

Responsibility & Ethics of AI
This award will honor a woman who demonstrates exemplary leadership and progress in the growing hot topic of responsible AI.

AI Entrepreneur
This award will honor a women who has started companies showing great promise in AI. Consideration will be given to things like business traction, the technology solution, and impact in the AI space.

AI Research
This award will honor a woman who has made a significant impact in an area of research in AI, helping accelerate progress either within her organization, as part of academic research, or impacting AI approaches in technology in general.

AI Mentorship:
This award will honor a woman leader who has helped mentor other women in the field of AI, providing guidance and support and/or encouraging more women to enter the field of AI.

Rising Star:
This award will honor a woman in the beginning stages of her AI career who has demonstrated exemplary leadership traits.