Transform: AI in Manufacturing

Digital Only: Week of Transform 2021
July 12 – 16, 2021

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The AI event of the year for enterprise manufacturing executives

The manufacturing and industrial sector forms the backbone of any advanced economy and has arguably embraced the use of machines and robots more than any other industry.  The use of robotics has sparked debate over the potential impact on human workers but also given way to novel forms of machine-human cooperation 

Indeed, the co-existence of AI and ML with human workers is adding significant value to the industry as a whole, and will be the future of the advanced economy. 

Learn more about Transform 2021

 Companies can leverage AI technologies in many ways: 

Using computer vision to improve their engineering and quality control processes making them more efficient and secure.

Reducing cycle times and costs in the R&D process using Machine Learning.

Making supply chains and production more efficient using IoT data (including at the edge) to perform predictive analytics.

Increasing overall systematic awareness, intelligence, and integration.