VentureBeat is committed to covering all things related to transformative technology, so throughout the VB Transform event, there will be dedicated sessions, workshops and networking opportunities for specific topics to help our audience learn what they need to achieve their goals and connect with industry peers who have similar interests as they do.

Women in AI Breakfast

Join us for a thought-provoking breakfast discussion focused on diversity in AI. The Women in AI Breakfast will feature top female executives leading discussions on the future of diversity in the field. Don’t miss this chance to bring together the most innovative women leaders in AI and share valuable insights into
the industry. 

Showcase and Innovation Alley

If you’re utilizing Generative AI to revolutionize the enterprise ecosystem, we invite you to apply for the Showcase and Innovation area at Transform. We will select up to 20 companies, ranging from early to late stage, to participate in the Showcase and present their new AI products to an expert panel. Additionally, we will invite another 20 companies to join Innovation Alley, where they can showcase their technology and network with top executives. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the Generative AI revolution at VB Transform!

Executive Roundtables

Immerse yourself in a series of captivating roundtable discussions throughout the duration of VB Transform. These thoughtfully crafted roundtables are meticulously designed to facilitate engaging interactions and dynamic conversations between esteemed event attendees like yourself and industry experts. Seize this extraordinary opportunity to join intimate gatherings where knowledge is shared, insights are deepened, and connections are forged.

To secure your place among this select group of professionals, submit your invitation request today.

Women in AI Awards

Relive the excitement from last year’s Women in AI Awards and AI Innovation Awards.

Since 2019, VentureBeat has been honoring the women leaders, mentors, researchers and entrepreneurs who are transforming the AI industry with their groundbreaking efforts, making it more equitable and ethical for all. The VentureBeat Women in AI Awards was founded to emphasize how vital the voices, work, and experiences of these women are to AI as a field and a technology and to shine a light on some of these leaders. This year we are accepting nominations on behalf of the women who are taking great strides forward (and inspiring others along the way).

Women in AI Award Categories & Qualifications

Responsibility & Ethics of AI
This award will honor a woman who demonstrates exemplary leadership and progress in the growing hot topic of responsible AI
AI Entrepreneur
This award will honor a woman who has started companies showing great promise in AI. Consideration will be given to things like business traction, the technology solution, and impact in the AI space.
AI Research
This award will honor a woman who has made a significant impact in an area of research in AI, helping accelerate progress either within her organization, as part of academic research, or impacting AI.
AI Mentorship
This award will honor a woman leader who has helped mentor other women in the field of AI providing guidance and support and/or encouraging more women to enter the field of AI.
Rising Star
This award will honor a woman in the beginning stage of her AI career who has demonstrated exemplary leadership traits.
To be eligible for nomination are:
• Self-nomination is NOT accepted.
• Nominees can be nominated by more than on person.

• Nominees can only be nominated ONE category per submission.

• Nominees must accept their nomination.

• One nomination is accepted per person submitting the nomination.

• Nominees must be women who work in or support artificial intelligence companies or AI technologies within their company.

Women in AI Award 2022 Winners

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