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Over the next four months, GamesBeat and Oculus will present a series of exclusive interactive VR gaming events to our confederation of gamers, developers and publishers, industry CEOs, executives, and venture capitalists. Each virtual reality event will feature exclusive content from industry speakers and thought leaders, live Q&As, opportunities to interact and socialize with fellow attendees, and more.  

For those with Oculus headsets, please use your Oculus Venus app for viewing in VR. For all other industry executives, you are invited to join the conversation in Zoom Webinar.

The Metaverse – the Future of VR and Virtual Beings

January 27, 2021

Artificial people are coming, enhanced by AI, animation, and gaming. What will they contribute to society? How will they change our lives in the wake of the next generation of VR, which is going beyond far games, to enhance creativity, create connections between people, offer events, community, and more?

Science Fiction, Tech, and Games

February 17, 2021

What was once science fiction is real technology. Science fiction, tech, and games inspire each other, and the creators who are pushing society forward, accelerating new ideas and turning fantasy into reality. In this panel, we’ll discuss the promise of the Metaverse, the leap forward from the internet into immersive, connected worlds.

Past Events

The Next Generation of Games

November 11, 2020

What games will rule the next generation of consoles? Will the PC race ahead? Which companies are in the best position? With industry leaders who understand the state of the art, we’ll look back at past platform launches, talk about the games that dominated past generations, and then look to our vision for the future.

Featured Speakers

TQ Jefferson

Chief Product Officer

Ed Boon

VP & Creative Director, NetherRealm Studios, Warner Bros. Entertainment

Mat Piscatella

Industry Analyst, U.S. Games

Dean Takahashi

Lead Writer

Mental Health, Diversity, and Next Steps in the Industry

December 9, 2020

First, Eve Crevoshay of Take This, a nonprofit on mental health in games, will talk about the challenges that marginalized people face when it comes to games and the Internet. Then we’ll talk about what it’ll take to change the industry, from the Riot Games allegations to the next steps for the industry to create a truly inclusive culture. Are we doing enough to change?

Featured Speakers

Angela Roseboro

Angela Roseboro

Chief Diversity Officer
Riot Games

Eve Crevoshay

Eve Crevoshay

Executive Director
Take This

Javon Frazier

Javon Frazier

CPO & President (Gaming), Studio 71

Dean Takahashi

Lead Writer