VentureBeat 5G Series

Hosted by Jeremy Horwitz, Author at VentureBeat
Digital Only: March 2021

Three-part digital series

This three-part series focuses on one of the world’s most important upcoming transformative technologies — 5G — by mixing high-level overviews with industry pioneers’ real-world experiences.

Join industry leaders and business decision-makers as we discuss 5G from panels of wireless industry leaders and experts, providing both actionable big picture and specific use case guidance while staying out of the weeds.

5G 101

Tomorrow’s Telecom, Today

5G 101: Tomorrow’s Telecom, Today provides a 30,000-foot overview of the new wireless standard and touches on the key ways it will soon change industries, including your business. It also deflates some of the hype around 5G, looking at implementation challenges that may hurt some businesses while providing opportunities for others.

5G 201

The 5G Outlook 2020-2025

5G 201: The 5G Outlook 2020-2025 focuses on case studies of current business 5G deployments across multiple industries. Individual experts from the fields of telecommunications, healthcare, emergency first response, industrial automation, farm monitoring, and autonomous vehicles will offer crisp distillations of how 5G is changing their organizations today, and where it will be five years from now.

5G 301:

From 5G to 6G — Mapping the Road to 2030

5G 301: From 5G to 6G — Mapping the Road to 2030 combines the fun of a 30,000-foot overview of the next decade of 5G evolution with a concrete set of milestones, anchored in the 3GPP’s 5G roadmap and the work of pioneering 6G planners. Business decision-makers will hear from members of the 3GPP, as well as representatives of 6G research groups such as Keysight/NYU Wireless.

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