Jul 13 - 14, 2015
Hilton Union Square, San Francisco, CA

The right customers, with the right story, at the right ‘moments’

Explosive mobile growth requires companies to completely redesign themselves (organizational structure, product, marketing story) to engage their customers at the right ‘moments’ of their journey

We’re amidst a mobile revolution. With mobile’s meteoric growth and penetration in every industry, it’s no longer about the iPhone and all the ‘cool’ things our devices can do. It’s get on board, or get left behind.

Mobile squarely puts customers in control more than ever – and their expectations for what’s relevant for them, the content and services they want on the right screen, at the right time are higher than ever. Brands and marketers often don’t know where to start and are left lost on how mobile integrates with their broader marketing strategy.

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Featuring close to 1,000 attendees, MobileBeat will be breaking down the challenges every marketer, brand, and app owner faces in today’s mobile-first world.

Many of the industry’s top leaders and visionaries will gather to shed light on essential mobile growth elements: personalization, acquisition, customer nurturing and engagement, design, UX, and mobile monetization.

Past Speakers

Nicolas Franchet

Nicolas Franchet


Joff Redfern

Joff Redfern


Bill Ready

Bill Ready


Kira Wampler

Kira Wampler


Richard Alfonsi

Richard Alfonsi


Dave Engberg

Dave Engberg


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Hilton Union Square
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Key Themes

Messaging and video. What role do the new hot offerings — messaging platforms, and video advertising — play in driving growth?

The rise of the messaging apps and powerful seamlessness of new video technology show once again that mobile-oriented design and UI can disrupt established ways of thinking in marketing. What does the emergence of new platforms like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram and others mean for most companies seeking to drive growth. And … what’s the role of agencies?

Attribution and conversion. What’s working, and how are location and other contextual factors helping?

A world of a thousand different combinations of mobile devices and channels threatens the dream of a direct link between marketing dollars spent and sales made. Marketers are finding strategies to mend that link through a mix of smart technology bets and strategies. How do you know what’s really working, and how can you tell which parts of your story, and what moments of your story are responsible for conversion?  How and when do you exploit new technologies, like mobile marketing automation, analytics, personalization and predictive aps?

Storytelling. How to craft it properly for mobile?

Smart businesses spend more time than ever articulating their narrative, and tailoring it to mobile. They need to tell those stories, simply and singularly, in the best way for each mobile channel. This is part of what some is increasingly referred to as “Mobile CX,” or mobile customer experience. Throw in content marketing for good measure. Increasingly, it means video. But sometimes it’s not. But they have to tell it at discrete “moments,” across a customer’s journey — across social, mobile, web, and email. Here’s how successful companies are doing it.

Mobile-first growth-hacking. Are you on the the bleeding edge of acquiring and engaging mobile users?

Whether your company is in gaming, commerce, publishing or services, you’ll need the help of gurus who can help you grow fast with minimal resources, or at least with a positive ROI. We unearth Silicon Valley’s latest tricks at operating at the so-called “middle of the funnel.” How do you grow mobile users through massive install campaigns? What omnichannel strategies work with limited resources? How do you track ROI across vendors and campaigns? What parts of the marketing cloud do you really need?

Mcommerce and convergence. Is there still an online versus offline world?

Some companies say they have tasted the beginnings of nirvana: finding the bridge between online and offline behaviors. For many, though, that bridge is “mobile,” which is showing a never ending growth in power as a primary commerce channel. Offline retailers are moving to new, modern stores that track and engage mobile customers with loyalty programs, with offers triggered by beacons, and other technologies. New payment solutions are hot too, but they have to play on mobile.

Finding your ”Halo” moments. How can you engage with customer at uplifting moments?

Starbucks’ early jump into the app race gave it differentiation, but how long can it stay top of mind when the average consumer has 18 loyalty memberships? Consumers are likely to get more selective, and so they’re looking for “instant gratification” from their loyalty and other app experiences. App and other mobile publishers need to generate “halo moments,” or positive experiences that generate strong brand affiliation with customers, and thus better results over time.

Leadership. How much do you drive a mobile-centric mentality across the organization?

A house divided against itself can not stand. Similarly, companies can’t remain divided on their customer strategy, but many are still treating their mobile strategy as second fiddle, even though their customers start on mobile every day. Company leaders need to transform their organizations from top to bottom to focus on delighting customers and performance driven results — and nowhere is that more true than in mobile.




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Jul 13 - 14, 2015
Hilton Union Square, San Francisco, CA